We had the pleasure of gaining support from Kathleen Furr, owner of Extraordinary Gift Co. Located in the Berkeley neighborhood at 3867 Tennyson St. Denver, Co 80212

Kathleen got her start as an entrepreneur, by turning misfortune into opportunity. About 6 years ago Kathleen had already begun to initiate her entrepreneur life with her online wire craft store she had then lost her traditional job.

Now losing a job could have been a bad thing. But not for Kathleen, for Kathleen losing her traditional job was a blessing in disguise. You see losing her traditional job gave Kathlyn a door. A door she could walk through, on the other side of this door was opportunity. The opportunity to work for herself 100 percent.

Creative Success

Bring an entrepreneur has allowed Kathleen to meet new people and build strong connections with her customers and with her community. Working your business as hard as you work a job is a discipline that will lead to success says Kathleen. Kathleen says being an entrepreneur means you are working for yourself. And that enables you to not be stressed out by someone else like a boss.

Kathleen’s Advice

Keep a positive a mental attitude at all times. Know It’s difficult but doing it for the right reasons with passion you will go far. Go for it, do what you love

Kathleen chose to support Summers Of Success because she feels financial education is important in our youth. And that the world is full of possibilities. These are principles taught within summers of success



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