Tom Wigginton is the owner of Vitruvian Fitness located in Wheat Ridge Colorado at 7605 W. 44th Ave Unit D. We had the pleasure of meeting him recently.

Vitruvian Fitness offers not personal fitness training in a small group setting. Every workout routine is tailored to each individual, as we are all unique just as snowflakes are. The group setting is so that you are not alone and surrounded by the support of others striving for the same goal…. To feel great and be fit.

Often we are so busy we frequently forget to take care of ourselves. Tom Wigginton knew this first hand and as a result, Vitruvian Fitness was born 7yrs ago, and still going strong today.


We asked Tom what was his motivation, his “why” for never giving up and pursuing his dream.

“If you look at the board behind you.The people in the 50 workout column are those who have the courage to take the first step of taking control of their life.

Then you have the 100 and 200 columns. Those are the people who overcome the hurdles, kept pushing and do not give up.”

There are columns that range from 50 to 800 workouts completed. This means Tom is helping individuals not only take control of their lives though do so consistently . with the support with not only tom and his team but others on the same mission. Vitruvian Fitness has individuals who have made it to 800 completed workouts. That takes commitment. he keeps going so he can see the community succeed at feeling great and becoming fit.


We asked Tom for a few words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

  1. Be patient
  2. Be perseverant
  3. Know it’s not easy, but worth it

Tom supports Summers Of Success because the story and birth behind Summers Of Success. Which is creating a world filled with entrepreneurs


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