It’s a classic tale we all know too well.From Knee-hi to a grasshopper we have been told from the beginning of our days. We are told of the  “GLORY” Of a day to come. A day that will only come if we ALL do a few things. It is drummed into our head to do this things day in and day out. We are told the tale so much that it becomes our truth. We swear by a code we do not even now if we agree with or not. We do not know whether we agree because we have been told the tale so much it’s all we know to be truth.


Here is the Tale

Go to school Is how the TALE starts. Go to school and do well is how it continues. If you go to school you can get a great JOB. Then you can work your behind off never able to outearn your boss for 40 whole amazing years. Then once you’re old you can retire and guess what?

You get to retire getting 40 % less a month than what you were making before retirement.

That the Tale folks, the one that we all know, but just as we all learned that Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny were not real, here is yet again the truth.



Let’s play a game of myth busters for a second.

Go to school the TALE says… Well, that is all well and good as you can not be running around knowing nothing at all. But what school? You will never learn a few core things in traditional school. These core things are the make or breakers I say. You would NEVER learn these core things in traditional school because they would cause you to find out the TALE is just that … a TALE. So always take the time to be self-taught or align yourself with mentors this will keep your eyes open and your potential released.


Then it is go to school, do good and get a good job? Well, news flash hardly anyone gets a job in the field from which they graduated. In fact, the majority end up making less than their field of study. Hold onto your britches now here is the kicker. Work 40 hours to retire on 40 % less of what was already lower than you went to school for, which sadly, in reality, it is not enough to be financially independent. This is the truth of the TALE


There is HOPE, yes HOPE. Summers Of Success, which is putting an end to the TALE. Summers Of Success puts an end to the TALE by revealing the TRUTH to the world future… The world’s future is our youth.


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