Look carefully and prepare yourself for what you are about to see. A sneak peak at success. Success is a state of mind. So here is a sneak peak from a book that will create the ultimate state of mind for success. A book that will not only create the proper state of mind for success but produce the results of success

“Success Is everyone’s birthright, Some have more than others because some never take the throne”


We challenge you to take a chance on yourself, to relight that fire that once was there. The fire that as a child made you believe anything and everything was possible.

Track your journey:

Before starting this book do this exercise

Take your smartphone go to the voice recorder, go to a mirror when you are alone and have privacy. Look into to the mirror for at least 17 secs prior to recording. After you have looked yourself in your eyes of your reflection, speak into the voice recorder describing who you see looking back at you. You are to do this alone and in private because you need to be 100% honest with yourself as far as what you see. After you have completed this book repeat this exercise on the 7th day and the 30th day. The change will amaze you as well as allow you to see your growth in the process. Make sure to make each recording at least 3 mins long



This is the starting point to success and the most important principle. Your desire should be thought of 5 years into the future. You need to see your desire crystal clear down to the socks you have on. The more clearly you can picture your desire in your mind, the more likely you are to achieve it. People often know what they want but do not necessarily now how possible it is to obtain it.

Is it possible? The answer is Yes. We all have a built-in governor which means that you would not have the desire unless you were capable of its’ achievement. This is providing it is real, a desire you feel in your soul, your core. Something you desire with all your heart.

How do you know you have a real desire? You can tell by how you go after it. You have to be willing to lose sleep for your desire. You must want your desire like air to breathe. Your desire must have the power to bring you to tears. It must be real and true to you. You can not have a lightweight desire. Your desire must be that which you steadfast too in a way you will not quit and will obtain it by any means. If you do not feel this way about your desire you will never obtain it. So do not cheat yourself.

If you go after it tentatively then it is not a burning desire at all. However if you willing to really go for it, burn your bridges and say I will never go back then it is. You will need to feel this way to pick yourself up after experiencing the inevitable failures that arise along the way to achieving success in your desired area. Napoleon Hill explains the 6 Steps to achieving your desire. The example below talks about the desire to have more money but can be adapted to cover any desire you may have.

Below are 6 exact steps that will help you become successful from the results you deliver  


  1. Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you want to have in your possession.
    2. Decide what you are prepared to give in return (perhaps a service you will provide). 3. Select a definite date by which you will have acquired this money.
    4. Prepare a definite plan and begin to implement it immediately.
    5. Based on the first 4 steps write down a clear statement of the amount of money you will acquire, the time limit for its acquisition, what you will give in return and your plan for accumulating it.
    6. Read your written statement aloud just before going to bed and once again first thing in the morning. As you read see yourself already in possession of the money. 


Prepare your mind to handle that which you have asked for.

We all have heard stories about lottery winners who go right back to being broke after blowing through their winnings, or famous people who have nothing left after they are no longer popular, we have even heard of pro athletes who are in financial ruin after they have retired. Whoever this has happened to is for one reason and one reason only they were not mentally prepared to receive that which they were blessed with.

Be careful what you manifest for it will be your reality.

With that being said train your mind now to handle the wealth you desire.




Knowing your 6th sense comes with implementing each and every principle that we have broken down to you prior to the 6th sense. Being able to communicate without any efforts, just a natural subconscious. Being able to just accept the form as It is and acquire results. Your 6th sense comes with a lot of mind development as well as a spiritual connection. The 6th sense is are developed and concentrated ability to feel our way towards our desire. To feel meaning not second guessing your gut, follow through on hunches and recognition of signs that will lead us to our desire


“ Nature never deviates from her established laws “

The View is always better from heights, better known as the top!

Why settle for good when there is great. Good is the enemy of great. Always pursue and obtain the best. All or nothing. To get all the great view it in its entirety, we have created 30 Days To Success.


Our 30 Day To Success Book Is written and condensed from Napoleon Hill and his book Think And Grow Rich. We have put this book together from our experience as well as from our own words. We want others to remember we already have abundance, It’s our birthright. Guiding you back to the proper mindset that you already had deep down Inside. With 30 Days To Success, you have the ability to achieve all of the greater things In life.
30 Days To Success Workbook
Our 30 Day To Success Workbook Is to help you prosper and become successful. A habit Is created within 30 days, and with our workbook, we create a positive habit to help you thrive. With many activities to help you dig deep Into your desire and speak your success Into existence






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