Covered With D.A.P.


Support With D.A.P. Is an dual between getting covered and creating awareness

D.A.P. stands for Dual Awareness Program , which Is a program to help create awareness on you & your business as well as support our youth.

Everyday there Is a Issue that contentiously happens , and that’s car problems. A break down on the side of a road , Flat tire , getting locked out , or maybe even need a jump. The Issues Is endless so we know that being a mechanic can be lucrative with enough customers. Sometimes your customer can not drive to where you are due to car Issues , and that causes you not to make money. Support D.A.P. and we will be able to help you with service to make sure your customers get to you. What’s more better than bringing your customers & money to you?
We are looking for support for our youth this summer called Summers Of Success. Our Dual Awareness Program will not only help support ” Summers Of Success ” though It will help create awareness on not only your business though who you are as well. Supporting Summers Of Success with our Dual Awareness Program we make a blog article about you and your business and post It to our online audience. To help support our youth and get into our Dual Awareness Program you can get your services below and also help others as well.
You will be able to share the following services to your customers
  • Battery Boost
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Tire Change
  • Lock – Out Service
  • Wreck Towing Service
  • And Much More

You will be able to have your customers receive these services , also have your customers towed up to 100 miles for free. So support our youth by getting D.A.P. with these services



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