A good way to conquer your fears

  Today as I was prepping my mindset I heard a dog barking outside. Now I heard It Immediately because I’m scared of dogs because I had been bitten bad by one. I looked out the window and saw the UPS man trying to deliver a package across the street. So therefore out of all … Continue reading A good way to conquer your fears


Covered With D.A.P.

Support With D.A.P. Is an dual between getting covered and creating awareness D.A.P. stands for Dual Awareness Program , which Is a program to help create awareness on you & your business as well as support our youth. Everyday there Is a Issue that contentiously happens , and that's car problems. A break down on … Continue reading Covered With D.A.P.


How is it that lack of money, the only resource that can be created at will, forms the main obstacle for addressing effectively society’s problems? The second question is: what can we do about it? How can we ensure that lack of money is no longer an obstacle to tackling these problems?


We are doing the #TakeTheThrone challenge and If we tag you we nominate you to take the throne and tag 3 other people. We challenge you to take a chance on yourself, to relight that fire that once was there. The fire that as a child made you believe anything and everything was possible. We … Continue reading #TakeTheThrone