Funds from purchases will be used for birthing the success dormant in all 
Summers Of Success is a self-funded program. Self-funded meaning we leverage products to ensure the program is a success no matter what. We utilize various products to generate revenue to keep the doors of Summers Of Success open to at least 1,000 aspiring youth entrepreneurs in Colorado, and to pursue the goal of having a Summers Of Success chapter in all 50 states in the next 5 years.


Below you can find the products that we are leveraging to fund Summers Of Success

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30 Days To Success-

Our 30 Day To Success Book

Is written and condensed from Napoleon Hill and his book Think And Grow Rich. We have put this book together from our experience as well as from our own words. We want others to remember we already have abundance, It’s our birthright. Guiding you back to the proper mindset that you already had deep down Inside. With 30 Days To Success, you have the ability to achieve all of the greater things In life.

30 Days To Success Workbook

Our 30 Day To Success Workbook Is to help you prosper and become successful. A habit Is created within 30 days, and with our workbook, we create a positive habit to help you thrive. With many activities to help you dig deep Into your desire and speak your success Into existence

30 Days To Success Audio

Our 30 Day To Success Audio Is a recording of our 30 Days To Success Book


30 Days To Success Set Includes

  • 30 Days To Success Book
  • 30 Days To Success Workbook
  • 30 Days To Success Audio


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Coffee, Tea And Hot Chocolate-

Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate is the vehicle that fuels Summers Of Success. ItsThey are not a luxury or anything exotic. They are part of everyday life. Therefore increasing the chances of the youth having a financially rewarding summer. The products that we are offering  have Ganoderma  also known as

“ Miraculous king of herbs ” which is said to do the following.

– Provides more energy and vigor
– Boost stamina ( less fatigue )
– Rejuvenates
– Oxygenates body
– Natural detoxification
– Mental alertness
– Supports the immune system


Gourmet Black Coffee

Gourmet Latte Coffee

Gourmet Café Mocha

Organic Green Tea

Gourmet Hot Chocolate

And Much More …

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